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James Chard

Hi, I'm James Chard. I'm into yoga, maximising life experience, and specialist private healthcare.

James Chard's Bio:

James Chard is the Practice Manager of Norfolk Biomechanics Clinic Ltd. He's in charge of day-to-day operations including policy and risk register creation, as well as strategic planning of clinic expansion. James has launched several successful marketing campaigns including a new line of custom prescription orthotic sandals that increased monthly revenue by 15%, and a social media campaign that grew the site's monthly website traffic by 245%. James is currently managing the amalgation of mobile clinics into one fixed location, and the relaunch of the practice's internet presence, including website, social media, and internet infrastructure.

James Chard's Experience:

James Chard's Education:

James Chard's Interests & Activities:

Yoga, meditation, Southern Indian and Thai cooking, Derren Brown (and magical illusion in general), self-development through rigorous exploration, discovering fears and overcoming them, improving things through process streamlining.

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